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  • Controlled Bleeding. Body Samples. 2LP Vinyl.
  • Controlled Bleeding. Body Samples. 2LP Vinyl.
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Controlled Bleeding. Body Samples. 2LP Vinyl.


Product Description

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Artoffact Records is proud to announce the reissue of a significant portion of the Controlled Bleeding catalogue.


After several tape-only releases in 1984, Controlled Bleeding released its first album on the then-brand new Dossier label in Germany, a label with which Controlled Bleeding would collaborate closely over the next years. Experimental, noise-laden industrial, Body Samples is at times less abrasive than the previous year's tape experiments and was influenced by ambient soundscapes, rhythmic noise, and the early works of Coil. The album also eschews the longer pieces found on the tape releases for a series of shorter works, many under two minutes, reflecting poignantly its name, Body Samples.

Both original vinyl and CD are hopelessly out of print, and the Artoffact Records reissues expand the original vinyl pressing with a healthy dose of unreleased bonus tracks into a gorgeous 2LP remastered edition. The vinyl is housed in a gatefold sleeve and a limited collector's edition on purple vinyl is available in 200 copies. The remastered CD comes in a digipak.

This version on black vinyl.

Product Videos

Controlled Bleeding - Body Samples I (10:10)
Controlled Bleeding - Body Samples
  • Controlled Ble...
    Controlled Bleeding - Body Samples

Track Listing

Side A
A1 Chote/Wheels/Hair (3:52)
A2 Lungs Half (1:25)
A3 Experiments In Fuck (1:55)
A4 Blood Sack (7:34)
A5 Scourge Sack (4:02)
A6 II (2:26)
A7 (extra track) (1:54)

Side B
B1 Intro: In The Factory (2:05)
B2 Wall Shine Seed (3:23)
B3 Glances Underbrush (5:17)
B4 Black Earth Head (1:45)
B5 Tolk (4:42)
B6 Did You Ever (5:31)
B7 Bulges Fakes (2:10)

Side C
C1 Rust Bag (4:29)
C2 Slicer's Song (2:39)
C3 Cueball Meets The Hairy Boy (2:24)
C4 Blubber Grind (6:41)
C5 Lung Dub (3:54)

Side D
D1 Lung Beats (3:52)
D2 Death In Cameroon (2:26)
D3 Hybla Bee's Response To Stimulus (1:06)
D4 Untitled Return (4:55)
D5 Hybla Killer (1:30)
D6 In Dark Waters (Vocal Mix) (5:49)