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  • Continues. Continues. CD.

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Continues. Continues. CD.

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The debut album by Continues (Dan Gatto / ex-BABYLAND). 10 tracks of desire and drum machines; Synthesizer popular for the contemporary set.

After 19 years as the voice and creative force behind the seminal Los Angeles electronic junk punk band BABYLAND, Dan Gatto is now Continues. Drawing from over 2 decades of engaging electronic devices and composition, Continues exists to connect with beauty; the moment shared by longing, lust and love; A place of sometime darkness and isolation. And the day we realize there is hope.

Continues has translated the language of late 20th century electronics into a declaration of modern emotion. Revering the past in a passionate pursuit of tomorrow, Continues utilizes both analog synthesizers and computer technology in a programmed embrace of rhythm and melody. Machines dance behind human hail. The elements reach out with open arms. The 10 tracks on this debut are a visceral, melodic reckoning of synthpop, electro, dark disco and EBM—arranged as pop songs for an emerging era.

Track Listing

1) Lost Life
2) Reckless Heart
3) Reception
4) New Saint
5) After All
6) Love on the Run
7) Spent Time
8) September
9) Flat Black
10) Sundown