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  • Container 90. Working Class League. CD.

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Container 90. Working Class League. CD.

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The Swedish EBM Mafia from Kungsör are once again ready to deliver music  to the moshpit stompers. Call it whatever you want Old School, Electropunk Hardcore Electronics, OiBM or just EBM.

Container 90 was born in the late 2003. More or less just to have fun and a reason to meet over  a beer or two or tree or...   Their first hit single Precious Boots was released in 2004. The track never reached the US  Billboard no. 1, but it reached deep in to the heart of old school EBM-ers of the world.   Their 1:st album Scandinavian Masters was released in 2006, the 2:nd album World ChampionShit in 2008. And now, after four years of silence - Container 90 - have reloaded and produced their  3:rd album -  Working Class League. Once again they have loaded their fists with hard hiting EBM  with their unique blend of Hard Core Punk. Now harder then ever.   Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls - once again it´s time for some real Stompin!

Product Videos

Container 90 - Copycat Official Video (03:23)
Container 90 - Copycat from the coming album Working Class League. Out in 2013-04-26 on Emmo.biz
  • Container 90 -...
    Container 90 - Copycat from the coming album Working Class Lea...

Track Listing

1. Taste The Fist
2. Raise your finger
3. Democrazy
4. Copycat
5. Repeat Delete
6. Straight Jacket
7. Use For News?
8. Murphys Law
9. Key Of Life
10. Respect MF
11. GrounDead
12. Working Class Hero