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  • Conrad Schnitzler & Pole. Con-Struct. CD.

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Conrad Schnitzler & Pole. Con-Struct. CD.

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POLE, the Düsseldorf-native musician, producer, remixer and mastering engineer Stefan Betke looks back on a steady two decade career in abstract electronic club music. Together with Barbara Preisinger he created the label „scape Records” and his own mastering studio „scape-mastering”. On the third ‘Con-Struct’ installment (after Pyrolator + Schneider TM) Pole puts his hands on the Massive sound library by legendary Conrad Schnitzler (Tangerine Dream, Kluster...)

Product Videos

Conrad Schnitzler & Pole - Drachenbäume sind friedliche Wesen (official) (04:50)
Material is taken from Conrad Schnitzler films "Zwölf Jahre Kur für Michelangelo", "Uper" and "Alptraumstrassen und Alpträume". 3 layers rhythmically intertwined and overlapped. Video created and edited by Pyrolator. Conrad Schnitzler & Pole - "Con-Struct" // Preorder CD and LP (incl CD) at https://shop.tapeterecords.com/conrad-schnitzler-pole-con-struct.html
  • Conrad Schnitz...
    Material is taken from Conrad Schnitzler films "Zwölf Jahre Ku...

Track Listing

01 Wurm
02 sieht hoch
03 lacht
04 und fängt den Vogel!
05 Drachenbäume sind friedliche Wesen
06 Wiegenlied für Katzen