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  • Connecti_icut. Moss (Signed). CD.

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Connecti_icut. Moss (Signed). CD.

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First album from Connect_icut on a label. The first 50 copies were signed by Sam Macklin.

Connect_icut is an electronic music producer based in Vancouver, Canada, who has been releasing albums since 2005. These albums have received a good deal of critical acclaim. Most notably, They Showed Me The Secret Beaches was praised in Thurston Moore and Byron Coley’s Arthur magazine column, as well as in The Wire, which commented that it was “(a)lways involving - and easily rewarding enough to make getting up and turning the record over an anticipatory pleasure.” The project toured with Phil Western and Frozen Rabbit.

Track Listing

1 Blood On The Beach
2 Two Guitars
3 Galadriel
4 There's A Rite Going On
5 Lethal Cocktail
6 Deathless
7 TV Lightwell
8 Pass The Aura Goggles
9 Winter Song
10 Omsk-F