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  • Comaduster. Hollow Worlds. CD.
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Comaduster. Hollow Worlds. CD.


Product Description

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Drawing from a deep well of influences, Comaduster's debut album 'Hollow Worlds' encompasses a distinctive range of musical styles skillfully incorporating elements of industrial, dubstep, post-rock, glitch, IDM, ambient, and pop music into a polished and cohesive assembly of work that garners cerebral as well as dancefloor allure. From start to finish, 'Hollow Worlds' executes a potent strike, sustaining an proficient balance of bassheavy beats, gushing synth melodies, taut rhythmic structures, absorbing lyrics, and humanistic vocals to match. Unlike many artists who attempt such audacious genre hybrids, Comaduster dispatches it masterfully, resulting in an accomplished collection of tangible songs that authenticate an intriguing and seductive contrast between complexity and accessibility.

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Comaduster - Winter Eyes (05:42)
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Track Listing

Winter Eyes
The Send Off
Hollow Worlds
Futureproof Design
Connecting The Seams