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  • Coldlink. Ghosts I've Known. CD.
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Coldlink. Ghosts I've Known. CD.

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Coldlink is the new all-electronic project from Filament 38's singer/writer Rob Armstrong & keyboardist/writer Shawn McNoldy. Coldlink is the result of years perfecting the balance of powerful vocals, driving synths and danceable beats. Drawing from legends like Nitzer Ebb and NIN their influences also include dark electro, coldwave and old school industrial. 

Ghosts I’ve Known is the band’s debut and shows off the duo’s ability to give you that 4-on-the-floor energy (Dance! ...Just do it) and aggression (if you’re not going to dance you better be throwing those fists in the air). Tracks “Ghosts I’ve Known,” “Disappear Tomorrow” and “Cut” are built to be cranked up in the club while “w1tchhVnt” and “Rust” bring you back to that classic industrial era. Last but not least “in vein” finishes up the originals with a slow dark sexy song sure to please modern electronic fans and underground DJs.

This release picks up where Filament 38 left off and takes you more into an electronic/ industrial dance/ club direction with powerful tracks and melodic mixtures. 9 TRACKS on the CD featuring Club remixes from TEXTBREAK, DIGITAL GEIST, and DIVERJE!

Product Videos

Coldlink "Ghosts I've Known" Preview (02:11)
Preview of "Ghosts I've Known" Release date: 10-31-16 Label: DSBP
  • Coldlink "Ghos...
    Preview of "Ghosts I've Known" Release date: 10-31-16 Label: DSBP

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