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  • Clan Of Xymox. Live. 2CD.

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Clan Of Xymox. Live. 2CD.

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A double CD of live performances from their recent South American tour. Nineteen tracks, plus two Quicktime video clips from this influential Gothic act.

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Clan Of Xymox (live) - Jasmine & Rose (05:53)
Clan Of Xymox (live)
  • Clan Of Xymox ...
    Clan Of Xymox (live)

Track Listing


01. Stranger
02. Cry in the Wild
03. This World
04. Jasmine & Rose
05. A Day
06. Louise
07. Creature
08. Back Door
09. Out of the Rain
10. Taste of Medicine
11. Going Round '97


01. Obsession
02. Muscoviet Mosquito
03. Michelle
04. Craving
05. Consolation
06. Agonized By Love
07. Hypocrite
08. The Story Ends
09. Jasmine & Rose (Video Data)
10. Stranger (Video Data)