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  • Chrysalide. Don't Be Scared, It's About Life Limited. 2CD.

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Chrysalide. Don't Be Scared, It's About Life. Regular CD+Digital Remix Disc.

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Product Description

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This is for the regular CD version plus you will get sent a digital download of the 2nd disc's audio tracks.

The remix companion to Chrysalide's intense Don't Be Scared, It's About Life.

Four remixes were commissioned to make this remix collection something beyond the usual: Dead When I Found Her, Encephalon, ∆AIMON, and I, Parasite were tapped to give their takes on I Do Not Divert Eyes. Each artist gives their own twist on the stand-out track, from EBM to witch-house, to classic industrial and sludgy metal. The result is amazing.

Add to that five more remixes by Chrysalide side-project Sonic Area as well as a couple other rare b-side tracks, and you've got a stacked remix collection of serious depth.

Twelve exclusive tracks plus the album.

Product Videos

Chrysalide | I Do Not Divert Eyes (03:46)
industrial noise |France| I don´t own this video. Album |Don't Be Scared, It's About Life| 2011
  • Chrysalide | I...
    industrial noise |France| I don´t own this video. Album |Don't...
  • Chrysalide - I...
  • Chrysalide - L...
    Chrysalide - Lizzie And The Charming Album: Don't Be Scared, ...

Track Listing

1. Who's Still Alive
2. Traders Must Die
3. Cybernetic Babies
4. I Do Not Divert Eyes
5. Anger Is A Show
6. Fucking Doubt
7. Let The Bombs Fall
8. Let's Talk About This During Dinner
9. Lizzie And The Charming Prince
10. Not My World
11. Give Me Something Stronger
12. The Last Candle
13. Gemini
14. They Won't Get Us
15. 2010
16. LoveTape
17. Rest In Silence My Friend
18. All Guilty
19. Freak Out
20. Lizzie In Toxicland
21. We Are Food For Worms
22. Another Brick In The Wall (Traumanoize)

Bonus CD: Limited to 100 copies
1. I Do Not Divert Eyes (Dead When I Found Her Remix)
2. Apathy Is Killing Us
3. I Do Not Divert Eyes (Encephalon Remix)
4. Lifestyle (vs. Quietiphobic)
5. I Do Not Divert Eyes (∆AIMON Remix)
6. Fucking Doubt (Sonic Area Minimal Remix)
7. Morbid Angel - Nevermore (remixed by Chrysalide)
8. Traders Must Die (Remix By Sonic Area)
9. Noise Guerrilla (Gansta noize remix by Sonic Area)
10. I Do Not Divert Eyes (I, Parasite Remix)
11. 4th World War (Sonic Area Riot Simulator Remix)
12. 2010 (Sonic Area Remix)