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  • Chrysalide. Don't Be Scared, It's About Life [Expanded]. MP3.

Chrysalide. Don't Be Scared, It's About Life [Expanded]. MP3.


Product Description

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22 tracks for $7.98! Includes hi-res artwork and a 10 page digital booklet.

An avalanche of noisy digicore, industrial hip hop, & twisted breaks for fans of Skinny Puppy, Atari Teenage Riot, & MSI.

Don't Be Scared, It's About Life is the break-out album by French industrial artist Chrysalide which had more underground buzz in 2011 when it was originally released than most albums on big labels. The album was put out on the artist's own imprint, Audiotrauma, after which Chrysalide played tons of shows, and enjoyed the status of 2011's best CD that no one wrote about. The album now gets a deluxe re-release on Artoffact, complete with a 12 page booklet and 5 bonus tracks, remastered and with new cover art. 22 tracks of some of the most intense industrial music you've ever heard.

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Track Listing

Who's Still Alive
Traders Must Die
Cybernetic Babies
I Do Not Divert Eyes
Anger Is A Show
Fucking Doubt
Let The Bombs Fall
Let's Talk About This During Dinner
Lizzie And The Charming Prince
Not My World
Give Me Something Stronger
The Last Candle
They Won't Get Us
Rest In Silence My Friend
All Guilty
Freak Out
Lizzie In Toxicland
We Are Food For Worms
Another Brick In The Wall (Traumanoize)