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  • Chrom. Peak & Decay. 2CD.
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Chrom. Peak & Decay. 2CD.

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One of the most popular German Melodic-Electro-bands returns. On the long-awaited new album “Peak And Decay,” CHROM create a perfect fusion of club-compatible beats, anthemic tunes, feeling and power.  CHROM always had that certain something that would elevate them from the mass of Future- and Synth-Pop-groups … a perfect hand for gripping melodies, a powerful voice and original electronic sounds with a lot of drive. On the highly anticipated third album “Peak And Decay”, CHROM are expertly evolving this trademark style, while delivering their most versatile release to date. Alongside the tried and tested club-smashers in the vein of the advance single “Regret & Testify,” hit-tunes which CHROM often tend to spice up with a refreshingly harsh edge, they have also thrown new-wavey mid-tempo tunes like the groovy “Heavenly” or heartfelt ballads like the stirring “Farewell Letter” into the mix, this time around. The titular peaks and decays of a sonic curve also stand as a symbol for the ups and downs of each and every existence, which CHROM interpret in 11 songs, sometimes emotional, sometimes employing brute force, sometimes sleazy but always resonating with the listener. Life is dancing to an electronic beat... and CHROM's urban club-Pop is the soundtrack!

Track Listing

1. I Don't Believe
2. Visions
3. Down Below
4. Heavenly
5. Walked The Line (Album Version)
6. Regret & Testify
7. The Start Of Something New
8. Murder Fantasies
9. Obsession
10. Staring At The Sun
11. Farewell Letter

CD 2:
1. Murder Fantasies (Massive Ego Remix)
2. Walked The Line (Rroyce Remix)
3. Regret & Testify (Remix by Lord of the Lost)
4. Visions (Blutengel Remix)
5. The Start Of Something New (Rob Dust Remix)
6. Murder Fantasies (Hocico Reflux Remix)
7. Walked The Line (Erdling Rebuild)
8. Down Below (Remixed by Accessory)
9. Visions (JanRevolution Remix)