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  • Chandeen. Echoes. CD.

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Chandeen. Echoes. CD.

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Echoes is a shamanic journey, full of breath-taking beauty, soft rhythms, percussions, cello, guitars and wonderful heavenly voices. With this CD, Chandeen return to their musical roots; sounding authenic and unique, poetic and profound. The cosmos of Echoes are populated with smooth piano-sounds combined with mysterious and romantic lyrics from Oscar Wilde ("In the forest"), William Blake and Edgar Allen Poe ("A dream Within a dream"). Nostalgic, Chandeen's typical soundscapes are orchestral, sometimes distantly reminiscent of Dead Can Dance; and atmosphere, full of strange, mystic, longing feelings and mysterious stories. With Echoes Chandeen move out into the light, it is the sun which steps out after a terrible storm. Special musical guest: Antje Buchheiser (Vocal) and Christiane Fischer (Cello) of Stoa. Probably the most dreamy album of Chandeen!

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Chandeen Echoes (04:33)
I'm calling for you,for you and I'm falling for you for you the word outside there lies in peace the echoes of your tender voice still haunted me until the dawning of the day I still can't find no sleep the loss of you it has to hurt take comfort in my weep I dry my tears in memories but joy and sorrows they're leading me my childhood days - so out of sight wish you could be with me and not so far away from my brightest day
  • Chandeen Echoes
    I'm calling for you,for you and I'm falling for you for you th...

Track Listing

Indian Summer
A Dream Within A Dream
In The Forest
Drawn By The Sea
Impressions - La Fruite De La Lune
Call Of The Banshees
The Dream
Red Blood, Blue Soul
Tangled Sheen