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  • Chandeen. Blood Red Skies. CD.

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Chandeen. Blood Red Skies. CD.

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The new album of Chandeen: A delicate, devotedly arranged sound adventure. Asked about the influences for "Blood Red Skies", Chandeen mastermind Harald Löwy names Brian Eno, Generation X of Douglas Coupland and the cult movie Donnie Darko. And last but not least, the band acknowledges these elements of the past culture movement on their new album, to the fullest. "Blood Red Skies" sounds wonderfully remote and warm, at the same time innovative in the inimitable Chandeen style that the band celebrated for almost 20 years in their unique way. One might almost think that Chandeen have created a tribute to their own development with their new album: a blissful indulgence in nostalgia that takes the listener to different spheres in beguiling ways. And who could seriously elude the charm of the single "Shadows Fade", the timelessly aspirated and idyll-feigning ballad "Kiji", or the fascinating electrowidescreen appeal of the title song "Blood Red Skies"? The eighth Chandeen album shows a matured band that seems to deliberately escape current (market) mechanisms. And the elaborately designed tri-fold Digipak with an insert of a 16 page booklet takes also into account the visual demand of the band.

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Chandeen - Shadows Fade (04:41)
The new album "Blood Red Skies" is due for release in November 2011."Shadows Fade" is the first teaser of the album.Directed by Jens KuhnEdited and Designed by René Künzel - niceland studio© 2011 by Chandeenchandeen.com
  • Chandeen - Sha...
    The new album "Blood Red Skies" is due for release in November...

Track Listing

1.) Stars Can Frighten
2.) Shadows Fade
3.) Farewell To Love
4.) Blood Red Skies
5.) Kiji
6.) Air
7.) Rabbit, Run
8.) World In Between I
9.) Citylights
10.) The Longing
11.) New Morning II
12.) Sunset Serenade
13.) Floating To The Stars III
14.) Until The Dawn