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  • Chandeen. Bikes And Pyramids. CD.

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Chandeen. Bikes And Pyramids. CD.

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Album from 2002. With twelve songs and nary a bad one in the bunch, Chandeen have etched their way into stronger territory. The guitar playing is more polished, the vocals more seductive and the song composition more intricate, incorporating a tapestry of sounds to weave an album of pure flower bed lushness. Every song adds a new trick to the book. Listen to "Pink" and its western styled guitar introducing a haunting song filled with eroticism designed to tease. Or follow through with "Days in Time" and be captured alive by vocal beauty as Stephanie sings with exquisite range. The guitar leads here are so Gilmour like that you'd almost think he guested. A wide variety and a great album overall!

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Chandeen - You Love Him (04:02)
This song is taken from Chandeen's album "Bikes and Pyramids" (2002). Only promotional pictures were used in this video. No copyright infringement intended. Thanks for watching, please rate and comment.
  • Chandeen - You...
    This song is taken from Chandeen's album "Bikes and Pyramids" ...

Track Listing

My World Depends On You
Days In Time
A Silent Love (Part I)
You Love Him
Heute Nacht
One Way Love
Apples And Oranges
Smooth Man's Melody
Lucky Life
The Spacerider Legend