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  • Cervello Elettronico. Logical Fears. CD.
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Cervello Elettronico. Logical Fears. CD.

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LA-based act Cervello Elettronico puts out his second album for HANDS, and it is surely branded by fears – logical or not – pursuing a darker and more aggressive direction than ever before. What remains is the crisp production and remarkable variation in beats and sounds, and yet this appears direct and almost simple, dominated by a tidal wave of bass heavy industrial beats, coming on with the force of a freight train. The brain controls the motor function; the electronic brain dissects that anatomy of movement with “Logical Fears.” Whether for an underground techno or a rhythm-geared industrial set, Cervello Elettronico provides quite some tasty club food!

Product Videos

Cervello Elettronico - Logical Fears (Preview) (06:13)
Tracklist: 1. Prophetic Visions 2. Logicial Fears 3. Divider 4. Tone Deaf 5. Black Matter 6. Stand Your Ground 7. Memory Loss 8. Choose Right 9. Spacial Differences 10. Retracted Statements 11. Movement Available soon at: www.handsproductions.com/mailorder.asp HANDS 2016
  • Cervello Elett...
    Tracklist: 1. Prophetic Visions 2. Logicial Fears 3. Divider 4...

Track Listing

01 Prophetic Visions
02 Logicial Fears
03 Divider
04 Tone Deaf
05 Black Matter
06 Stand Your Ground
07 Memory Loss
08 Choose Right
09 Spacial Differences
10 Retracted Statements
11 Movement