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  • Cenotype. The Hour Before. CD.

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Cenotype. The Hour Before. CD.

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Product Description

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This collection of 5 new Cenotype tracks takes a glimpse into the heart of men at the hour before that intangible time of night when we are capable of most anything. This is the hour before the nameless hour.

These tracks mark an evolution in Cenotype's style. The more traditionally rigid structure slightly gives way to a more improvisational and spontaneous rhythmic style, allowing the music to take on more of a life of its own. Three collaborations with the late Adam Waters helped to shape this aspect of this release, while also promising to alter the face of Cenotype further into the future.

The Hour Before proudly includes remixes from Cervello Ellettronico, Intoner and Vynil Rob.

Mastered by James Plotkin
Layout & Artwar by S.Alt

Limited to 282 (of which the first 37 are in the box version) hand-numbered copies contained in a beautiful octagon-shaped package.

Track Listing

01. The Beauty of Night 6:16
02. 3 AM 7:30
03. Submerged Aggression 6:40
04. Let the Blade Speak 4:30
05. Nubian 5:23
06. 6x8 (Cervello Elettronico Remix) 4:49
07. She's Dead... Requiem (Intoner Remix) 4:30
08. Unearthed in Brooklyn (Vynilrobmix) 5:12