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  • Caustic. Industrial Music. CD.
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Caustic. Industrial Music. CD.


Product Description

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Caustic has been destroying speakers and ruining family values for longer than most of us have been alive. Therefore, Negative Gain was thrilled to present the world wide release of their new full length album “Industrial Music”. The album includes 11 tracks.

Product Videos

Caustic- Industrial Music (01:38)
Inappropriate for all ages. http://causticngp.bandcamp.com OUT NOVEMBER 10th, 2015 on NEGATIVE GAIN PRODUCTIONS!
  • Caustic- Indus...
    Inappropriate for all ages. http://causticngp.bandcamp.com O...

Track Listing

1. Attention Please 03:30
2. Bomb the Clubs 03:07
3. Gravity Bong 03:46
4. Michael Fucking Ironside 03:37
5. Scream Your Name 03:38
6. The Casualties 04:36
7. Military Fascist Show 04:43
8. Fuck in a Suit 03:10
9. Toxic Waste 02:29
10. Why Because 02:35
11. Bleached Asshole / The Deafening Beat of My Heart 05:14