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  • Cat Rapes Dog. Life Was Sweet Limited. 2CD.
  • Cat Rapes Dog. Life Was Sweet + Cat Rapes Dog + Nekronomikon + Property Produces Bodily Injury. 2CD.
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Cat Rapes Dog. Life Was Sweet + Cat Rapes Dog + Nekronomikon + Property Produces Bodily Injury. 2CD.

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Product Description

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UPDATE! The limited disc 2 has been upgraded to a manufactured CD (not a CD-R!). The limited run will now be 444 copies. Enjoy!

Limited 2CD edition of Life Was Sweet, including a bonus CD that includes the best of the Cat Rapes Dog late-80s recordings, originally released on cassette and never available again. The CD includes songs from the cassettes "Cat Rapes Dog," "Nekronomikon," and "Property Produces Bodily Injury."

Somehow we just knew we had to make music. Problem was we couldn't play and didn't have any instruments. That didn't stop us, though. We had two tape decks, some things Joel made at school and various cheap keyboards we rented at the local music shop. All songs were recorded at our parents' over the summers of the late eighties. The first cassette we sold less than five copies of, the second maybe thirty. The third maybe a hundred or so, but by then we had already made contact with what was to become our first record company. All songs here are as they were recorded back then, nothing has been added.

Described by Sweden's national tabloid Expressen as "a perfect union of Front 242 and the B-52's," electronic punk group Cat Rapes Dog is back with their first album since 1999. The new album, dubbed Life Was Sweet, is the seventh Cat Rapes Dog studio release and first on label Artoffact. The band gets right to the point and stays true to their punk rock roots, rarely pausing and skipping all filler. The album clocks in at a "fits on vinyl" 35 minutes, but in this short space Cat Rapes Dog will tell you to go out and vote, give you a lesson in religion, and baffle you with a sense of humour all their own. Manic electronic synth lines meet over-the-top male and female vocals on nine tracks of pure DIY weird.

    A perfect union of Front 242 and The B-52's.

    They remind me a great deal of Rob Zombie; same rhythmic constructions, same lust for dance.

    Cat Rapes Dog has shouldered the electrorock mantel dropped by Marilyn Manson and Ministry.
         —Zero Magazine

Track Listing

1. God Hates Christians
2. Dead Coming Back
3. Through A Glass Darkly
4. Falling Apart
5. Vote!
6. River Of Pain
7. Crystal Ball
8. Head Around
9. A Thousand Years

Bonus CD: (Cat Rapes Dog + Nekronomikon + Property Produces Bodily Injury)
1. Snuffbox 3:39
2. Childhood’s End 4:20
3. Herrens Röst 4:06
4. The Drain 3:04
5. Dada 2:42
6. All Those Moments 7:39
7. Give It To Me 2:46
8. 120 Sekunder I Sodom 2:05
9. Repulsion 3:30
10. Pulpit Man 6:24
11. Rainy Days 3:46
12. Cowshit 2:20
13. Your Ass 4:56
14. Inside You 4:28
15. Take My Life 6:01
16. Always For Money 5:34