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  • Cardinal Noire. Cardinal Noire. CD.

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Cardinal Noire. Cardinal Noire. CD.

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Cardinal Noire are creators of menacing anger and deeply dark sounds that are like an extraplanetary subsoil from which they make emerge a galaxy of disturbing modulations. Their debut focuses in its core on a complex EBM/industrial musicality overflowing with aggression and icy ruthless-ness, conditions arising from the inner darkness so intensely ingrained within the mind of the protagonists. Nine songs for nine expressions of technological nightmares, all this lead by harsh-hallucinated vocals that lacerate your ears...The sequence of tracks is dominated by the logic of hellish, annihilator synthetic frequencies, which have only one specific target: you and the total destabilization of your mind.... Beware: Not for the weak at heart!  

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Cardinal Noire - Narkomat (04:00)
  • Cardinal Noire...

Track Listing

01 Venom - The kognitiiv Dissidenz 02 Narkomat 03 MKIV - Eternal 04 A New Form Of Machinery 05 White Dust 06 Flagellant 07 Black Sustenance 08 Purgation 09 Mirror Shards

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