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  • Camerata Mediolanense. Le Vergini Folli. 2CD Hardcover Book.

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Camerata Mediolanense. Le Vergini Folli. 2CD Hardcover Book.

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Camerata Mediolanense is an ensemble of Italian musicians who gained recognition in the Neofolk/Neoclassical scenes by blending darkwave and post-punk with the musical spirit of the Renaissance and Baroque periods. The group was born in Milan in 1994, founded by harpsichordist/musicologist Elena Previdi. Literally translated as "a group of chamber musicians from Milano", Camerata Mediolanense is renowned for creating music according to the traditions and history of Italy and Europe's classical and folk music, and by using sublime voices, martial percussions, keyboards and electronic devices.

With its new album, "Le Vergini Folli" (english: "The Foolish Virgins"), Camerata Mediolanense has created a dense, lush work that places the piano in the foreground and uses a strict musical language of tonal harmony which is out of fashion nowadays and thus immerses the listener in the sounds of centuries past. Guided by the pure beauty of simple melodies, channeled through love songs, and interpreted by enchanting female voices, "Le Vergini Folli" is unique to the band's discography in that the album is devoid of percussion, driven primarily by the captivating interplay of vocals and vintage pianos that date back to the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

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Camerata Mediolanense – Quando ‘l Sol [official music video] (04:28)
More information and purchase: http://smarturl.it/le-vergini-folli CAMERATA MEDIOLANENSE “QUANDO ‘L SOL” Directed by Leithana & Maurizio Cappello Produced by Camerata Mediolanense Voice: Desiree Corapi Piano: Elena Previdi Elena plays a “Steinway & Sons” grand-piano, 1910s Music: Elena Previdi Lyrics: Francesco Petrarca (1304-1374), Canzoniere, fragm. 223 Recorded by Paolo Siconolfi Mixed by Elena Previdi and Paolo Siconolfi at Virtual Light Studio ******************** QUANDO ’L SOL Quando ’l Sol bagna in mar l’aurato carro, et l’aere nostro et la mia mente imbruna, col cielo, et co le stelle, et co la luna, un’angosciosa et dura notte innarro. Poi, lasso, a tal che non m’ascolta narro tutte le mie fatiche, ad una ad una, et col mondo, et con mia cieca fortuna, con Amor, con Madonna, et meco garro. Il sonno è ’n bando, et del riposo è nulla, ma sospiri et lamenti, infin a l’alba, et lagrime che l’alma a li occhi invia. Vien poi l’aurora, et l’aura fosca inalba; me no! Ma ’l Sol, che ’l cor m’arde et trastulla, quel pò solo adolcir la doglia mia. WHEN THE SUN When the sun dips his golden chariot in the sea, darkening the air and my mind, together with the sky, and stars, and moon, I endure a harsh and painful night. Then, alas, I relate all my troubles, one by one, so that no one hears me, and quarrel with blind fate, and the world, with Love, and my Lady, and myself. Sleep’s banished, there is no chance of rest, but sighs and complaints till the dawn, and tears, the soul sends to the eyes. Then daybreak comes, and brightens the dark air; but not me. The sun, that burns the heart and blesses, alone can ease my pain. (version by Tony Kline) The official Prophecy Productions Youtube channel. Watch all Prophecy video clips here and listen to Prophecy's entire music catalogue (more than 1,800 songs)!
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Track Listing

1. Lacrime Di Gioia
2. Scrissi Con Stile Amaro
3. Notte Di Novelli Sogni
4. Mi Vuoi
5. Notte Ancora
6. Pace Non Trovo
7. Dolce Salire
8. Quando 'l Sol

Bonus CD:
1. Anime E Inchiostri
2. Quando 'l Sol (strumentale)
3. Pace Non Trovo (versione)
4. Vergine Bella Che Di Sol Vestita
5. Notte Di novelli Sogni (strumentale)
6. Notte Ancora (piano solo)
7. Mi Vuoi (ripresa)
8. Canzone Alla Vergine (2017)