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  • Cabaret Voltaire. Red Mecca (Remastered). Vinyl.

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Cabaret Voltaire. Red Mecca (Remastered). Vinyl.

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Product Description

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Mute are delighted to announce a series of Cabaret Voltaire releases, starting with the vinyl issue of Cabaret Voltaire’s iconic 1981 album Red Mecca.

Remastered and available here on vinyl for the first time since Mute’s reissue in 1990, Red Mecca features the line up of Richard H Kirk, Stephen Mallinder and Chris Watson, and is Cabaret Voltaire’s third album, and the final full album with co-founder Chris Watson.

Red Mecca was produced at Western Works, Sheffield, and, although rioting at this time hadn’t reached Cabaret Voltaire’s hometown, it was a particularly incendiary time across Britain and the tension was explicit through the news media. Explains Kirk, “that insurrection on the streets found its way into the music” and the album was seen by many as the alternative soundtrack to the unrest on the streets.

With Middle Eastern musical influences and a title that reflected the beginnings of long running tensions stemming from the Islamic Revolution and the resulting Afghanistan conflict and rise in fundamentalism, the buried vocals and large instrumental passages are a wonderful bridge between the punkier ethos of earlier releases, Mix Up and The Voice Of America and the more dance minded 2X45 and Yashar EPs that followed.

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Cabaret Voltaire-Red Mask. (06:55)
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Track Listing

180gm remastered vinyl edition.
Includes CD copy

Side 1
1. A Touch Of Evil
2. Sly Doubt
3. Landslide
4. A Thousand Ways

Side 2
1. Red Mask
2. Split Second Feeling
3. Black Mask
4. Spread The Virus
5. A Touch Of Evil (Reprise)