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  • c.db.sn. At The End Of It All. CD.

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c.db.sn. At The End Of It All. CD.

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Product Description

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Denver-based producer c.db.sn arrives at Tympanik Audio to offer our listeners his transfixing new album ‘At The End Of It All’. Cultivating an alluring tension between the technical and emotional, c.db.sn’s ‘At The End Of It All’ demonstrates the impressive range and depth of this bright new talent’s artistry. With nods to a variety of music styles, c.db.sn assembles his songs with superb expertise, generating a consistent flow and accessible cohesiveness to the entire album. A diverse yet coherent collection of works anchored by dynamic rhythms, solid pulsing basslines, and complex layers of fractured glitch. c.db.sn weaves a stirring emotional experience in to his music, capturing the listener with thick ambiance and cinematic atmospheres matched with infectious beats and deeply emotional compositions.

Track Listing

This Stillness Of Hours
… At The End Of It All
Artificial Intelligence
A Map Of The Human Heart
A Silent Sea
Airport [Never_Land]
Data Transmit
Certain Is The Plague Of Fables
Seven Days Warning
The Stars Falling Cold
As If December Never Happened