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  • BVDUB. A Thousand Words. CD.
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BVDUB. A Thousand Words. CD.

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Bvdub, aka Brock Van Wey - melancholic master of large musical forms – has a discography that includes more than 30 solo albums, on labels such as n5MD, Darla Records, Quietus Recordings, Distant Noise, Glacial Movements....

During the years of creative activity bvdub managed to occupy a special musical niche: its vast ambient-cloths, contrary to the laws of the genre, have the strongest emotional impact. Tone melodies, sensual splashes of female vocals, coming from afar and wavy bass pulsations – the basis of the musical style of bvdub.

In the 90's, Brock was a DJ and a party organizer in San Francisco, but already in 2004, tired of the music scene, he sold all his 7,000 records and moved to China. Here Brock settles in a small (by Chinese standards) city of Hangzhou and finds himself in the role of an English teacher at the university. At the same time, Brock takes up writing his own music. His compositions – atmospheric, often devoid of rhythm and tangibility - were not always such; At the start of his production career, Brock began with a fairly canonical dub-techno, with each following album increasingly gravitating toward ambient.

"A Thousand Words is my longest, largest work to date, and what we can likely all agree this was all coming to one, single 77-minute piece. Much more than one single narrative, however, it is comprised of 19 movements, and over 500 channels of audio... all performed in one take, live. Combining a colossal library of pre-recorded and treated loops, samples, beds, and instrumentation, in concert with live arrangement, synthesis, loop creation, instrumentation, and even vocals, A Thousand Words is about as raw and unapologetic as anything I have ever made as well as the most challenging, requiring more equipment, instruments, and dexterity than I have ever attempted before... as well three keyboards, six live instruments, and two samplers, all running through two computers and a phone, simultaneously.

$2 from every sale of this album will be donated to the Animal Rescue League of Berks County (PA), SPCA of Wake County (NC), and numerous fledgling rescue centers in Europe who are instituting programs that encourage children to read to cats every day after school... not only providing a massive upturn in youth literacy and love of books, but hours a day where those who have been forgotten can have someone by their side.

Whatever form they take, don’t forget those who are there for you every day - and take a moment each day to be there for them. You don’t have to speak, but simply being there can mean a thousand words." - Brock Van Wey

Track Listing

01 A Thousand Words [77:17]