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Unreleased SKINNY PUPPY track covered on new DEAD WHEN I FOUND HER


SKINNY PUPPY wrote and played "Kill To Cure" live a lot in the 80s, and although it appeared on some bootlegs and on a cassette compilation (not sure if legit) for Provoke Magazine in 1988, the track never made it to any Puppy albums.

Enter 2012: Portland's DEAD WHEN I FOUND HER, who cite Skinny Puppy as a great influence, cover the track on their new release RAG DOLL BLUES. The track appears on disc 2 of the limited edition of Rag Doll Blues and on the digital-only iTunes release Stitches & Cover Ups.

The album was released on October 9th and cracked the iTunes top 200 electronic chart in the US. The 2CD limited edition, initially limited to 100 copies and recently reprinted by Artoffact Records, is only available at Storming the Base.

More info: http://dwifh.com/home/



Rustblade Signs Phil Western

The Rustblade label has signed Vancouver artist Phil Western, known for his work with Download amongst many other projects. No sign of a release yet, nor any further information but the label sends this biography of Western's impressive career: Phil Western (born August 12, 1971) is a Vancouver-based musician who is a founding member of the [...]

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Metropolis Records to Release Skinny Puppy Live Album 'Bootlegged, Broke And In Solvent Seas'

Metropolis Records have just announced the release of a live album from industrial pioneers Skinny Puppy. The album features live tracks from Budapest, Warsaw, and Bratislava and has 10 tracks. A teeny-tiny cover image is available below. You can pre-order the title here.

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Skinny Puppy HanDover vinyl design unveiled

Looks like Skinny Puppy will be getting a vinyl release for their latest album HanDover. The design is by long-time Skinny Puppy collaborator Steven R. Gilmore. No information as of yet as to the release date. Skinny Puppy has a page on Storming the Base.

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Morbid Angel announces remix album with Skinny Puppy, Nachtmahr, Laibach, The Horrorist, and more!

Morbid Angel has announced a remix album that features mostly electronic-industrial bands as well as some noise artists. Bands included are Laibach, Skinny Puppy, Synapscape, Asche, Nachtmahr and The Horrorist. The album will be called "Illud Divinum Insanus – The Remixes” and is based on the band's 2011 album of the same name. It should [...]

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Skinny Puppy announces release date for new album HanDover

Litany.net just announced that the new Skinny Puppy album will be released in the USA on October 25th. The album is called HanDover and contains 11 tracks many of which contain the usual Ogre puns in their titles. The cover art looks awesome, and we hope to get some soundclips soon.We have not yet been [...]

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