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St Patrick's Day on Spotify!

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A selection of Irish bands for our St. Patrick's Day Playlist for 2017!

Thank you to Fiona for putting this playlist together for us. 

Follow our account on Spotify (stormingthebase) for upcoming future playlists!

Spotify Playlist: March 14th, 2017

A new playlist featuring Glass Apple Bonzai, Nash The Slash, The Birthday Massacre, Lords Of Acid, v01d, Dawn Of Ashes, KMFDM, Numb..Or open it in Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/user/stormingthebase/play...

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Hater: How We Police Ourselves

A good number of well-written articles have appeared over recent years about the term hipster, and how it is more or less an empty token that ultimately serves to maintain the status quo of middle-class, Walmart culture. But to my surprise, a related term, hater, has not received as much attention. Yet, this is not [...]

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7 Albums We're Waiting for in 2014

There are a lot of good releases around the bend, enough to make us think that 2014 is going to one-up 2013 as a year to remember in music. Here are 7 we're really excited about already: Although released 10 years ago, Skinny Puppy's comeback album The Greater Wrong of the Right is only now getting a [...]

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The Best of 2013

THE BEST RELEASES OF 2013: THE NEWSLETTER RANT It's always a bit odd doing these year-end lists, because they seem a bit distorted. We deliberately disclude our own label releases (meaning we can't add Architect, AAIMON, The Exploding Boy, Ohm, Individual Totem, Rational Youth and many others we'd otherwise put on there), and we limit the [...]

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Why Is Everyone a Freelancer and Broke?

As we enter the frenzy of the holiday season, I was reminded over the last several weeks about just how hard the life of an artist can be. And I don't even want to say "artist" here, because, really, what I mean is freelancer. A freelancer is basically someone who gets by job-to-job, and it's [...]

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The Vinyl Quagmire

I'll admit it, I love vinyl. I used to have a vinyl player in the 90s, and I still have my Japanese Bodies Zoth Ommog 12", as well as the Skinny Puppy EPs and albums on vinyl. Also some other cool stuff from Reconstriction and Cleopatra, and some minimal techno a friend once gave me. [...]

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Why We Are Stopping Doing Digital Only Releases

We've done maybe a dozen digital only releases, and though some great music has come from them, there are many reasons we don't want to do them anymore. They aren't very interesting as a format, for one: apart from convenience and ease, it is hard to get inspired from a download. And we aren't the [...]

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Men Of Great Authority: In Defense of Orgy

Yesterday's PRP article about Orgy's imminent crowd funding failure was quite a firestorm in the metal and industrial online communities, with Facebook buzzing and comments on fora increasing by the second. The article was later picked up by Metal Sucks, where most people read it, and, I think, it was Metal Sucks that really set [...]

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Oh Canada and Allelujah!

What a couple weeks it's been in Canadian arts and culture, eh? A few weeks ago, Godspeed You! Black Emperor won the 2013 Polaris prize (which includes $30,000 in cash) and responded with this, now notorious, statement, addressed to "music-writers" and "kanada" and lambasting Polaris with ---- "we’ve been plowing our field on the margins of [...]

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