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  • Blank. Impact Zone.
  • Blank. Impact Zone.
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Blank. Impact Zone.

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You are now in the Impact Zone. Move.

The Italian EBM duo Blank is back, and this new stuff is killer. So killer, in fact, that we are giving away Sick And Dead, one of the many adrenaline pumping songs you will find on Impact Zone, their second album. This album is one of those giant shots in the air, and the near four-year wait between this and their last album has been definitely made worthwhile. The immense intensity of Impact Zone speaks for itself. Tracks like Persistence with its crazy synthy hook, Counterfeit with its tight melodies and infectious rhythm, or Puressence with new and exciting vocal styles - every song is priceless.

What has Blank been doing since 2004? Perfecting their craft. For sure. A few shows were played, sure they remixed Unter Null, DavaNtage, XP8, Neikka RPM, and others. They appeared on several compilations worldwide and garnered excellent reviews, a large fan-base, and solid club-play. Mostly, perfecting their craft. It's not good enough that you bust your body on the dancefloor or sweat till you've soaked your shirt through. It's just not good enough.

MORE BODY, MORE SWEAT. It is after all the Impact Zone.

This outrageously good album is available on Artoffact Records on March 4th, 2008.