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  • Black Nail Cabaret. We Like to Suffer. CD.
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Black Nail Cabaret. We Like to Suffer. CD.


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Black Nail Cabaret return with their absolutely UNIQUE electronic new wave pop noir  synth noir sound! 'No matter where you go, there you are,' is the old saying and the message that Emese Arvailles seems to want to give in Black Nail Cabaret’s new EP. Reminding one, with a dark pop & catchy upbeat tune, that you can run but you can’t escape yourself. Keeping true to their synth noir sound, the B-side track 'Descent,' is more melancholic with her deep smoldering femme fatale-like voice. Topping everything off are the three remixes from Crackdown, DSX and Celldöd, which spice this EP up with a wide variety of 80’s pop, electronic and techno.

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Black Nail Cabaret - We Like To Suffer (04:19)
Video directed and edited by: Bianka Vago Story by: Bianka Vago and Emese Arvai-Illes Music by Krisztian Arvai and Emese Arvai-Illes Lyrics by Emese Arvai-Illes Get the single here: https://basicunitproductions.bandcamp.com/album/we-like-to-suffer (c) & (p) Basic Unit Productions, 2016 don’t follow me here this town won’t make you happier you’ll carry the same sadness you’ll create the same situations I can’t save you from yourself no one really can you have to close your eyes and turn back it’s my life, not yours I don’t belong with you what makes you think that I feel more content this is not your way this is not your joy this is not your pain you have to close your eyes and step back we can change countries but it won’t make things better as it won’t make us better we can change cultures or state of conscience we will suffer ‘cause we like to suffer sometimes I walk that dimension of unspoken dreams and subconscious fear of time that keeps me in bed for days you have to close your eyes to escape the glance of boredom it eats up all your ambitions
  • Black Nail Cab...
    Video directed and edited by: Bianka Vago Story by: Bianka Vag...

Track Listing

01 We like to suffer
02 We like to suffer (Boredom Remix by CrackDown)
03 We like to suff (DSX Remix)
04 We like to suffer (Celldöd Remix)
05 Descent