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  • Black Nail Cabaret. Dichromat. CD.
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Black Nail Cabaret. Dichromat. CD.


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With their new release, ‘Dichromat’, Black Nail Cabaret deliver another round of refreshingly contemporary dark pop music, intertwined with a smattering of 80’s gothic, and electronic nostalgia. While being captivatingly haunting and soulful, most of the songs are deceptively dance-able and uplifting, because at the same time, the song lyrics widely vary from migration through domestic violence to sex. The word dichromat is defined as a colour vision defect, which occurs when one of the cone pigments is missing and colour is reduced to two dimensions. Since their intentional and literal avoidance of colours – even if not necessarily all of them, the production of the songs are the artist’s own dichromatic prints of reality and are more analogue and hardware driven than on previous releases. This results in a clear and minimal effect, with in-your-face catchy hard beats and soft melodies.

Product Videos

Black Nail Cabaret - Therapy (04:38)
Directed, photographed and edited by Martin Šuchter Special thanks to Bianka Vago and Cale Firgren for their collaboration Taken from the album Dichromat: https://basicunitproductions.bandcamp.com/album/dichromat Music by Emese Arvai-Illes, Krisztian Arvai, Zsofia Tarr Lyrics by Emese Arvai-Illes Mixed by Krisztian Arvai Mastered by LeafAudio (c) & (p) Basic Unit Productions, 2016 I wrote a few notes today, after a breakdown I think I'm missing the trip but I don't feel bad, I don't feel sad so hey, you don't keep looking back once you turn your head, the light goes out stay with me emotions are banging the rib cage don't float away I'm frightened so I give them names silly names, scary names don't judge me, don't grab me just have me then let me go words crawled off the paper I let them in, and let them out if they smile, I smile back but there is one who is trouble, it says: this is not what you expected but I'm fine, but I'm fine I will manage, I will manage More info at www.blacknailcabaret.com
  • Black Nail Cab...
    Directed, photographed and edited by Martin Šuchter Special th...

Track Listing

1. Sister Sister 04:27
2. CO 04:20
3. Therapy 04:19
4. Freak Of Fancy 04:26
5. We Like To Suffer 04:18
6. Decay Avenue 05:56
7. Minor Panics 05:30
8. Lower The Shutters 04:27
9. Session 03:58
10. Orgasm 05:49
11. Comfort Zone 03:47
12. Soon 04:28