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  • Blac Kolor. Born in Ruins. CD.

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Blac Kolor. Born in Ruins. CD.

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'Born in Ruins' is the second full length release from leipzig based, Blac Kolor. Prepare to be transported into a dystopian soundscape which is intensely rhythmic, experimental and hypnotic at the same time, giving a whole new dynamic to this project. The massive bass drums and lashing whip-like sounds combined with slowly floating synth sounds create a permanent game of contrasts. Enormously different than the dark techno sound of the first album 'Wide Noise,' it is a haunting memorandum of sorts. An equally disturbing and deeply engaging retrospective journey from dark ruins, where only a faint distant light falls.

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Blac Kolor - Born In Ruins (Video Edit) - Official Video (04:33)
"Born In Ruins" is the title-track of BK's second album "Born In Ruins". Available from Feb 05 under https://basicunitproductions.bandcamp.com Video by testvvave www.blackolor.de
  • Blac Kolor - B...
    "Born In Ruins" is the title-track of BK's second album "Born ...