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  • Biomekkanik. Violently Beautiful. CD.

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Biomekkanik. Violently Beautiful. CD.

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The electro-EBM masters are finally back with an all new album! Biomekkanik is the solo project from Christer Hermodsson, a.k.a. Crull-E, from legendary Swedish bands S.P.O.C.K.. Tracing many years of experience with electronic music, both as a band member and as a producer, Christer units his experience from the synth pop of S.P.O.C.K and Sista Mannen På Jorden, coupled with the harsher and heavier sound from producing bands like And One or Cat Rapes. His debut ‘State of Perfection’ (Subspace 2009) charted on No.2 in German DAC charts and was a very promising launch of the EBM project. Due to personal reasons, it took Biomekkanik 5 years to deliver this follow up! The album title serves as sort of ‘contents’ for the songs: In fact, the 10 tracks represent a fine balance of beautiful and melodic Electro with harsher EBM! The ‘architecture’ of the songs and lyrics translate into some really ‘cinematic’ songs that capture the listener from the first second. A very strong album: Violent & beautiful! 

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Biomekkanik "Violently beautiful" (promo) (02:05)
A small part of the track "Violently Beautiful" from the Biomekkanik album "Violently Beautiful".Photos taken by Markus Kinnunen.
  • Biomekkanik "...
    A small part of the track "Violently Beautiful" from the Biome...
  • Biomekkanik. "...
    A snippet from the song "Long forgotten future" from the album...

Track Listing

01 Monumental Me 02 True Believers 03 Kamikaze Playboy 04 Violently beautiful 05 Long forgotten Future 06 White World 07 Melancholy Friend 07 Leather and Steel 09 Democracy 10 Dry dusty Ground