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  • Berlin Babylon. Villains These Days. CD.
€ 15,03

Berlin Babylon. Villains These Days. CD.

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Product Description

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Established in 2012, "BERLIN BABYLON" managed to get a record deal after only a few months of existence. Offspring of the producer of DETROIT DIESEL, they bring the new wave sprits back from the grave with their modern touch. Finest electropop/electro coming all the way from canada one of the main countries for innovative electronic music. Powerful voice and a highly pleasurable, dance-oriented melancholical beat is the recipe here! Electronic music at it's best! As a special bonus Infacted managed to get some outstanding new versions on the physical release by artists such as ROBOTIKO REJEKTO, SLEETGROUT or ES23.

Track Listing

01 Night Talk 02 Hero 03 Night and Day 04 About the Villains 05 Meaning 06 Guns 07 Hello my Dear 08 Cry for Help 09 In Silence 10 End of Night 11 About the Villains (Sleetgrout Remix) 12 Guns (ES23 Remix) 13 About the Villains (Robotiko Rejekto Remix) 14 Night and Day (Sinfusion Remix)

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