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  • Batch ID. Ni Skrammer Inte Mig. CD.

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Batch ID. Ni Skrammer Inte Mig. CD.

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Erik and Johan met in Gothenburg in 2006.  Tanz Anarchie!

They were both looking for a musical partner and found each other through Myspace. They met up for some beers and had alot to talk about. They decided to try to write a song together and after a few hours they came up with the song Nothing to say, wich eventually ended up on the Testosterone album.

They started with the intention of writing electronic pop with alot of cocky attitude. But the music soon drifted towards being more agressive and faster, with a more punkier vibe to it. Their visit at Familientreffen IV also inspired the band towards more EBM-like songs.

2008 they released there debut album Testosterone on their own DIY-label Closet Freak Production. In 2009 they released the EP Tanz Anarchie at a gig in Berlin. With the realease of the EP the band has found their musical direction and are currently working on new material, mailnly inspired by EBM-music, oldschool punk, and the casettemovement in the 90′s.

Batch ID likes to record in the studio but loves to be on stage. It’s nothing more fulfilling than meeting an enthusiastic audience. To be in direct contact with the listeners and other bands have always been important for the band.

Track Listing

01. Ni Skrämmer Inte Mig
02. Som En TV
03. Spöken
04. Slav För Dig
05. Aldrig ändra Dig
06. Den Osynlige Mannen
07. E55
08. Dansanarki
09. Ge Mig Mer
10. Strax Före Mörkret
11. Ifred (DiVersion)
12. Efter Mörkret (AfterDarkMix by X!LE)
13. Strax Före Gryningen (by Guilt Trip)