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  • Apoptygma Berzerk. 7. Cassette.
USD $9.13

Apoptygma Berzerk. 7. Cassette.


Product Description

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Apoptygma Berzerk's classic album 7 re-issued with a huge number of bonus tracks on cassette!

-Official re-issue of 7
-Available on 7 different shell colours
-7 Remastered
-Includes Deluxe Edition bonus tracks on Side A
-Side B includes 11 bonus tracks
-24 tracks in total
-Comes with MP3 download coupon
-Full colour gatefold J-card
-Awesome unique pad-printing shell design

Artoffact Records inaugurates a series of deluxe cassette-only re-issues with Apoptygma Berzerk's essential EBM masterpiece, 7. The limited cassette comes appropriately enough in 7 different shell colours, each one limited to between 15 and 25 copies. The cassette will be strictly limited to 200 units.

Each cassette comes with a download coupon allowing you to download high-quality MP3 versions of each of the 24 tracks. A splendid gatefold J-card houses the now-classic artwork, and the Jesus-barbed wire motif is printed directly on the cassette shell to awesome effect.

This is a unique item meant to give a new perspective on an album, in a new context, in a new decade, and on a previously unreleased format. Curating and designing this re-issue was a labour of love by both artist and label. We hope it finds a cool place in your home.

Track Listing

Side A
1 Love Never Dies (Part 1)
2 Mourn
3 Non-Stop Violence
4 25 Cromwell St.
5 Rebel
6 Deep Red
7 Nearer
8 Half Asleep
9 Love Never Dies (Part 2)
10 Deep Red [Blackmail Remix]
11 Untitled 2
12 Mourn [Apb Guitar Remix]

Side B
1 Deep Red
2 Electronic Warfare
3 Backdraft
4 Non-Stop Violence (CNN Version)
5 Near (Banilla Dream Version)
6 Burnin' Heretic (Live)
7 Mourn (APB Remix)
8 Mourn (Ihrmx)
9 Mourn [Lo-Fi Version]
10 Untitled Too (Sweep Remix)
11 Snutt 7