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  • Angelspit. Cult of Fake. CD.

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Angelspit. Cult of Fake. CD.

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CULT OF FAKE is Angelspit’s 6th studio album, released on June 6, 2016 – the ten year anniversary of Angelspit’s first full length album, KRANKHAUS.  EBM/EDM club-destroying beats smash against Angelspit’s harsh industrial sound on the new 12-track album, crafting a vicious new thumping hybrid, making CULT OF FAKE Angelspit’s first album to focus on dance music.  “I’m always pushing Angelspit’s sound to make something more brutal with a punk rock mentality. This time I’ve made CULT OF FAKE with dance music in mind. I’ve applied dance music production to Angelspit’s sound and I believe this is Angelspit’s best album to date – it’s got a harsh industrial skeleton with a smooth skin graft…this will DESTROY!” - Zoog Von Rock, Angelspit.

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Angelspit's SKY HIGH. Directed by Chris Davis (Humantwelve) (03:38)
Angelspit's "SKY HIGH" Official Music Video. Directed by Chris Davis (Humantwelve). http://www.humantwelve.com/ http://www.angelspit.net/ Starring: + Glamour Commercial Band: Miss Ballistic: Vocals Darkfox Shadowpaws: Guitars The Radioactive Raccoon: Moog Doompony: Guitars Amanda Tea: Sky High drink server girl AJ Gapsevic: Sky High drink server boy and guitar tech Alan Smithee: Sky High Drink guy/Sweat Pipe Technician Moog and guitars supplied by AJ Gapsevic Fashion by Pawstar https://pawstar.com/ + Dingy Sweaty Band: Zoog Von Rock: Vocals Amanda Tea: Vocals Matthew Slegel: Guitars AJ Gapsevic: Moog Cop: Miss Ballistic Dancers: Fox, Austin Eubanks, Rikimonster, Lorelei, Kelly Sheer, Faith Betinis, Fashion by Dark*Star*Fusion http://www.darkstarfusion.com/ Hair by Penny Dreads & Wigs http://pennywigs.com/ + Sky High Suits: Chairman/CEO: Leonid Bortsov Host: Vincent Sacket TV Crew: Brandon Duncan, Nathan Knepprath, Jesse, Rheanna Makeup: Emily Hutchinson Angels Art: Brandi Violetta + Additional images: Gustavisionfilms MichaelVorobiev Cradlestock Camera, editting and direction: Chris Davis http://www.humantwelve.com/ Photography: Amanda Trumbull Photography https://www.facebook.com/amandatrumbullphotography/ Air Conditioner Sound: Pogotron "Sky High" is from Angelspit's 2016 album "Cult Of Fake". Music and lyrics by Zoog Von Rock. c Angelspit 2016. Angelspit.net Lyrics and More Information: http://www.angelspit.net/music/songs/cof-sky_high/ From Angelspit's album "Cult Of Fake". http://www.angelspit.net/music/albums/cult_of_fake/ http://www.angelspit.net
  • Angelspit's SK...
    Angelspit's "SKY HIGH" Official Music Video. Directed by Chris...

Track Listing

01 Thanks For Your Cooperation
02 Eat Volts
03 Cult of Fake
04 New Devil
05 I Am Trouble
06 Breath
07 Out For Blood
08 Happy Murderland
09 Sky High
10 On the List, She's Not (Featuring Lorelei)
11 Disaster Porn
12 My Little Blade