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  • Angels On Acid. Exile. CD.

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Angels On Acid. Exile. CD.

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Angels on Acid was founded by Michael Banks in 2003. Their sound is influenced by a wide range of dark electronica, refined over the years through experimentation to deliver the signature sound their fans have come to expect. Angels On Acid's music has been featured in compilations such as Electronic Saviors Volume 2 (Metropolis Records), Septic X (Dependent Records), and Endzeit Bunkertracks Volumes 3 and 4 (Alfa-Matrix). They have also had the pleasure to perform with bands like Combichrist, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, JulienK, Assemblage 23, Imperative Reaction, Bella Morte, and many more.

Angels on Acid will soon be releasing their highly anticipated fourth album, "Exile." Fans will immediately identify with the signature elements from their earlier albums, while experiencing new and more diverse layers of sound uncovered by the band's continued musical experimentation.

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Angels On Acid - Exile (04:19)
Angels On Acid - Exile Album: Exile (2012) Genero:Electro FuturePop NichDoork Channel
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    Angels On Acid - Exile Album: Exile (2012) Genero:Electro Futu...
  • Angels on Acid...
    Artist: Angels on Acid Track: 02 Unholyone Album: Exile (2012)...

Track Listing

1 A Brave New World 5:00
2 Unholyone 4:51
3 Into The Dark 4:19
4 Quicksand 4:48
5 Martyr 3:51
6 Sacrifice 4:01
7 Oblivion 1:52
8 Epitaph V3 3:28
9 Exile 4:19
10 Drag 1:39