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  • Angel Theory. Black + Blue.

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Angel Theory. Black + Blue.

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As with the 'Transmission' EP Angel Theory gets to rub shoulders with the genres masters, Mr. Daniel Myer [Haujobb, Architect, Clear Vision] has presented a very eiry mix, while Lights of Euphoria brings in the beats and technoid squeekings as Terrorfakt put the distortion dial to '11'. Netherlands new act Black Selket brings us their solid EBM style to the foray while New Zealands The Mercy Cage cranks up 'Ease The Pain' [original from the 'Fatal Condition' album] - Tankt spookifies a new album track with its roots in minimal electro/IDM while finally Angel Theory creates a less known cover from Simple Minds of 'Theme From Great Cities'. Who could want more? Available on May 15th, 2005.