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  • And One. Shouts Of Joy. CD.

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And One. Shouts Of Joy. CD.

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Product Description

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After “Back Home” staying on #1 of German DAC Charts for a full 8 weeks, here’s the new single of Germany’s No.1 Electro act! 5 tracks for a special price! 2 exclusive non-album tracks! “Shouts Of Joy” continues exactly where its predecessor, the “Back Home” EP, has left! “Shouts Of Joy” is sometimes quite reminiscent of ‘80s “Tears For Fears” harmonies, yet modern, danceable and somehow brute at the same time. Be careful – it might infest your ears and your brains immediately. Again, AND ONE would not be AND ONE if they just presented a “normal” CD single with just a title track plus a couple of rather endless remixes that could never reflect what really IS behind a band at that time. Featuring 2 exclusive tracks that won’t get on the highly antici- pated album “S.T.O.P.”, AND ONE provide exactly what their fan crowd desires the most. “Perfect White” is a rather sentimental mid tempo song about proofs of love that go beyond wedding dresses or a “Yes!”We’re sure that at least some of you will recognize themselves within that song. Do AND ONE make fun of themselves in “S.T.O.P. Was An Inside Job!!”? With this fast and (hopefully) tongue-in-cheek blackmail against editorial staffs of radio and TV stations (which you either want to take over or simply blow up if they don’t play your song), AND ONE once again prove their ability to not always take themselves too serious. And that’s surely a good thing. Period. “Back Home (Ohne Trix Mix)” – just another remix? You’ll be the judge; With its closing version of “Shouts Of Joy” made by Steve Naghavi himself, this piece of craftsmanship in the shape of a CD single heralds the final stage of anticipation of the forthcoming album “S.T.O.P.” – an album that will truly stand out. See for yourself.

Track Listing

01 Shouts of Joy (Club Mix)
02 Perfect White
03 S.T.O.P. was an Inside Job!!!
04 Back Home (Ohne Trix Mix)
05 Shouts of Joy (Stave Nagahani Mix)