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  • And One. S.T.O.P. CD.

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And One. S.T.O.P. CD.

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ATTENTION! You have just received a telegram from AND ONE!
+ Anyone who didn’t like this band so far will definitely hate it now – S.T.O.P. --
+ AND ONE just delivered an album that can only be described as self-counterfeit at its best -- S.T.O.P. –
+ With the limited edition, they just delivered 18 songs that will – in 10 years the latest – dominate your head as emotional, musical photographs, no matter what you think, read or write about them today -- S.T.O.P. –
+ AND ONE are once again far ahead of their time -- S.T.O.P. –
+ Because they’re doing right now what will be hip in the Eighties-- S.T.O.P. –
+ Nico, Joke, Steve und Rick -- S.T.O.P. –
+ This is AND ONE 4.0 in their best shape ever -- S.T.O.P. –
+ Feistier than ever, they’re marching on the road to victory together with all their fans -- S.T.O.P. --

Track Listing

01 Shouts of Joy
02 Killing the Mercy
03 Memory
04 You without a Me
05 Don't get me wrong
06 Aigua
07 S.T.O.P. the Sun
08 The 4
09 Back Home
10 Everybody dies Tonight
11 The End of Your Life
12 No Words