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  • Alter Der Ruine. Son Of A Bitch. CD.

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Alter Der Ruine. Son Of A Bitch. CD.

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Alter der Ruine’s fourth release “Son of a Bitch” will prove to be raw, powerful and unforgettable with a few surprises along the ride and ending to a noise grinding, beat pounding sonic halt. The trio continue to evolve and develop, opening new doors and kicking them down when needed, especially if a door is stubborn or weather warped. They are not of the shy persuasion, be it on stage or in their remixes, consciously choosing not to repeat themselves, but to expand like a swelled gut over a cinched waist-belt. Their eyes are always on the horizon, chasing a sun they will never let fall.

“It may seem like I’m damning Alter Der Ruine with faint praise by saying that Son of a Bitch is the sound of them hitting their stride, but I can’t stress enough how pleasingly simpatico the album sounds when listened to in one sitting. Questions of identity are ever the bane of artists with eclectic palettes, especially in the world of electronic music where subgenres routinely blur and bleed into one another. ADR deserve commendations not just for putting together a solid record, but for carving themselves a sonic identity to go with it.” - idieyoudie.com

Track Listing

Who The Fuck Is This 2:27
Really 6:04
It Speaks 6:29
Boozetooth 5:12
Lady Jamz Part 1 1:00
Lady Jamz Part 2 4:13
You Owe Me Blood 6:19
Ghosts 4:00
The Bread Snake Of Lamb's Lion 4:17
Snake Oil Salesman 4:06