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  • Alphaville. SO80S Presents (curated by Blank & Jones). 2CD.

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Alphaville. SO80S Presents (curated by Blank & Jones). 2CD.

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Product Description

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Celebrating 30 years of Alphaville, all 1980s 12" versions & b-sides remastered from the original master tapes! The new SO80S collection is curated by Blank & Jones and features a massive 36 page booklet including all original record artworks, private archive photos & track by track annotations by Alphaville. A MUST-HAVE for fans of synthpop and dance music!

This collection of 12" releases covers not only the A-sides but also the B-sides which Alphaville used as a field for experiments without any commercial commitments. The results represent more than just hidden treasures. With fan favourites like "Seeds" or "Next Generation" they open up a whole new dimension of Alphaville music that make you wish B-sides were still needed in todays music. Bernhard Lloyd searched many archives and found all master tapes well secured and ready for transfer. Together with him and Marian Gold, Blank & Jones carefully started the process of mastering the transfers from the tapes and let the musical diamonds shine once again.

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Track Listing

01. Big In Japan (Extended Re-Mix) 7:26
02. Sounds Like A Melody (Special Long Version) 7:43
03. Forever Young (Special Dance Version) 6:10
04. Jet Set (Jellybean Mix) 6:32
05. Dance With Me (Empire Remix) 8:15
06. Universal Daddy (Aquarian Dance Mix) 6:19
07. Jerusalem (The Palace Version) 6:18
08. Sensations (Club Mix) 6:07
09. Red Rose (The 12" Remix) 7:51
10. Romeos (Extended Mix) 8:37
11. Summer Rain (Extended Version) 5:30
12. Mysteries Of Love (Remix) 7:59

01. Seeds 3:18
02. The Nelson Highrise (Sector One: The Elevator) 4:12
03. Welcome To The Sun 3:10
04. Golden Feeling 3:52
05. The Nelson Highrise (Sector Two: The Mirror) 3:42
06. Next Generation 3:58
07. Vingt Mille Lieues Sous Les Mers 5:02
08. Concrete Soundtraxx For Imaginary Films I 6:46
09. Headlines 4:12
10. Sister Sun 3:56
11. Summer In Berlin (Demo Version) 5:53
12. Like Thunder 4:47
13. Big In Japan (Extended Instrumental Mix) 6:00
14. Jet Set (Dub Mix) 5:12
15. Romeos (Tribal Mix) 6:32
16. Big In Japan (Remix '88) 6:58 !
17. Big In Japan (Torsten Fenslau Remix) 7:51