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Alien Vampires. No One Here Gets Out Alive.

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Alien Vampires is a collaboration of members from UK and Italy in a born-again hard project that literally takes listeners into the pit of hell and never lets them out again. Some tracks tout haunting female backgrounds, others the urgent throbbing of seduction by evil on the more archingly anti-religious tracks, all insane, all hardcore. Clearly, the band intends to evoke thoughts of torture, satanism and deviance run amok. Alien Vampires prove to be masters of the craft in creating the soundtrack to infernal darkness by combining sexuality and sadism. "No One Here Gets Out Alive" is a flaming cocktail meant for killers who seek to mate with those willing to lend their soft throats to tight hands. These marauders of the electro night have already established themselves as a genuine “cult” band with a, dare we say, religiously devoted following, and are inch-by-bloody-inch clawing their way to the top of the heap. Carnage is no obstacle for this band. AV recently knocked out a live concert with well-known former BLC band (now on Out of Line) AGONOIZE, and led away loads of new followers ... in chains and spikes. With tracks like “We are Dead Fuck You” and “Rave to the Grave”, listeners are given a small clue of the uncensored, trance-laden, crucifix-wielding murderous fury through which AV rumbles and slides on 14 tracks in a conceptually unblinking, totally uncensored layout. Alien Vampires burns together black metal, trance and hardcore industrial in what may be simply the biggest, freshest album of 2007 for the “black” crowd. Epic, intense, shiveringly evil – spot on, all the way through.