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  • Ah Cama-Sotz. State of Mind. CD.
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Ah Cama-Sotz. State of Mind. CD.

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Product Description

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Two years after the extensive anniversary release “Obsession Diabolique,” Ah Cama-Sotz returns with a more concise, almost intimate album: While still considering the rhythmic aspects of the ACS sound, the 60 minutes of “State Of Mind” are on a distinctly downbeat note, leaving room for the inimitable atmospheric pieces and a fair share of sensual fantasies, on some tracks accompanied by familiar female vocals. The ACS mélange of ethnic sounds and beats with dark electronica and morbid obsessions appears more refined than ever. “State of Mind” harks back to older ACS albums, as well as picking up where “Obsession Diabolique” ended. The 2 opening tracks (incl. a strong 2015 Version of “Isfahan”) are dark sensual fantasies, carried by female vocals and downbeat rhythms; “Solitaire” combines retro synth patterns with a repetitive electro/techno vibe; “Surrender to Infinity” and the title track “State of Mind” are storytelling dark ambient pieces with a dynamic structure; the ethnic beat section of the album consists of the triplet “Desert Heat”, “Hotel Odessa” (complete with proto techno sounds) and “Transcendental Meditation” before “Room with a View” closes the album in that downbeat, almost trip-hop-style sound. With “State of Mind” veteran producer Herman Klapholz proves again he has no equal when it comes to providing authentically introspective and dark mood music! 

Track Listing

01 And it makes me susceptible to Pain...
02 Isfahan (2015 Version)
03 Solitaire
04 Surrender to Infinity
05 Desert Heat (White Sands above the Sea)
06 Hotel Odessa
07 Transcendental Meditation
08 State of Mind
09 Room with a View