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  • Agent Side Grinder. Hardware. CD.

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Agent Side Grinder. Hardware. CD.

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Product Description

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"Hardware" is the third official album release by Swedish electronic band Agent Side Grinder. On this record, ASG once again steps into their musical time-machine, has a rendezvous with old masters such as Kraftwerk, Einstürzende Neubauten and Depeche Mode and invite them all on a reckless, rhythmic journey into a bleak future. Dressed in black work-wear, equipped with an arsenal of analog machines and loaded with their strongest material to date, Agent Side Grinder is ready to challenge the sounds of both the past and tomorrow. Other passengers on this journey include Swedish indie icon Henric de la Cour and the new champions of melancholy, Skriet. “Post Punk New Wave Old School Electro Pop“??? AGENT SIDE GRINDER!

Product Videos

Agent Side Grinder feat. Henric de la Cour - Wolf Hour (03:35)
Track taken from Agent Side Grinder's forthcoming album "Hardware", released in February 2012. Video was shot at Verket in Avesta, Sweden. Full concert movie from this venue will be released in 2012.Director: Kjell SwedborgAssistant Director: Mattias LeidebjerMusic: Agent Side GrinderLabel: KlangarkivetWebsite:www.agentsidegrinder.com
  • Agent Side Gri...
    Track taken from Agent Side Grinder's forthcoming album "Hardw...
  • Agent Side Gri...
    "Wolf Hour is the hour between night and dawn. It is the hour ...

Track Listing

01 Look within
02 Sleeping Fury
03 Rip Me
04 Wolf Hour
05 Mag 7
06 Pyre
07 Bring it Back
08 Stranger Stranger