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  • Aesthetiche. Nachtbrenner. CD.
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Aesthetische. Nachtbrenner. CD.

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After a much too long hiatus, Brazilian electronic scene veterans Fab Viscardi and Gui Peres (the ex-AGHAST VIEW boys!) created a buzz on the EBM/industrial scene last year with the release of their new project's "Powerswitch" album under the  AESTHETISCHE moniker. Straight, powerful and aggressive, this debut album put AESTHETISCHE back on the EBM map and created high expectations amongst their fanbase for more...
Today, the duo does not only keep their promises by striking back with a new 13-track EP only 6 months later, but also reveals a more focused and upbeat sound approach, making of "Nachtbrenner" a very solid and compact collection of some 6 (!!) new tracks and 7 exclusive remixes by Ivo Draganac, KANT KINO and JUNKSISTA and also very special vocal performance by Emélie Nicolaï (PSY'AVIAH), Diana S. (JUNKSISTA) and Ava Nima (ROBOTIKO REJEKTO).  

Musically, very club-driven with its powerful beats and complex layered rhythm structures, this new "Nachtbrenner" EP by AESTHETISCHE reveals a duo that capitalizes on its strong EBM roots and expands their sonic landscape through the addition of influential elements of trance, glitch and electro. Their established EBM stamp becoming one synergic element amongst other modern electronic styles for the ultimate dancefloor assault...  Praise the voltage!

Track Listing

01 Red Trackers
02 Undecided feat. Emélie Nicolaï of Psy'Aviah
03 Raise the invisible
04 Still Life - Ivo Draganac remix
05 Transient States
06 Blausäure EP MIX
07 Cold Bliss
08 High Heel Fixation feat. Ava Nima of Robotiko Rejekto
09 Red Trackers - Red Alert remix
10 Blausäure - Junksista rework
11 Still Life - Kant Kino rework
12 Blausäure - Reizstrom remix
13 Still Life - Dedicated Hardware remix