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  • Aesthetic Perfection. Inhuman (Metropolis). CD.

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Aesthetic Perfection. Inhuman (Metropolis). CD.

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Product Description

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Inhuman contains the single version of the title track, six floor-filling remixes (one from Combichrist, who Aesthetic Perfection have very successfully supported on their “Making Monsters” tour) and an exclusive track, making it an essential for fans and a must-have for DJs.

Product Videos

Ask Daniel Graves / Aesthetic Perfection (10:40)
Daniel Graves answers your questions from the Aesthetic Perfection Facebook Page. Additionally, each question is accompanied by a preview clip of every song off the new album. The track order is the same as the album which is as follows: 1. A Nice Place to Visit 2. The Devil's in the Details 3. The 11th Hour 4. Hit the Streets 5. One and Only 6. Inhuman 7. Celebrity Sin 8. Filthy Design 9. Motherfucker 10. Under Your Skin 11. The Little Death 12. All Beauty Destroyed
  • Ask Daniel Gra...
    Daniel Graves answers your questions from the Aesthetic Perfec...

Track Listing

01. Inhuman (Album Version)
02. Inhuman (Combichrist Remix)
03. Inhuman (iVardensphere Remix)
04. Inhuman (Imperative Reaction Remix)
05. Inhuman (Panic Lift Remix)
06. Inhuman (Deadbeat Remix)
07. DAF
08. Hit the Streets (Whiteqube Remix)