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  • AD:KEY. 10th Anniversary. CD.
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AD:KEY. 10th Anniversary. CD.


Product Description

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When one of the leaders of the new German EBM generation celebrates its 10th anniversary, we can only proudly feel relieved that the succession is strong and well assured! While their 2017 5th studio album “Reanimator” is still hot on record store shelves and on the dancefloors, Andrea and Rene Nowotny decided to take their fanbase by surprise and offer them their birthday present in the form of a 16-track collection of their best tracks in an all-new previously unreleased revisited version! 

What started in the close family circle of cult Electric Tremor, turned into an explosive ascension towards the top of Electronic Body Music with a very personal AD:KEY identity made of stomping beats, muscled bass lines, addictive melodic electro sequences and catchy powerful male & female vocals in full symbiosis.

You will not only enjoy rediscovering their very first club hits in fully upgraded 2018 versions (“Elitär”, “Körper und Körper”, etc.), but also stunning alternative versions of other successful songs from their hi-energy discography, plus 2 exclusive new club tracks (“Pfeil Im Deinn Herz” and “Weltenwandler”) and an efficient “Walfdorf Pulse2” version of their classic cover version of FRONT 242’s “Kampbereit”.

Our favourite dancefloor sound hooligans are in combat mode and ready for another 10 year battle on the EBM front. Happy Birthday AD:KEY and thank you for this new tour de force of Electronic Body Music declined in a non-stop 16-track hit collection for the ultimate ear-pleasure of all fans of pure good old EBM pioneers like NITZER EBB, FRONT 242, DAF and other DIE KRUPPS.  Let us celebrate!

Product Videos

AD:keY Autodynamik (04:15)
"Autodynamik" vom aktuellen 2015ér AD:keY-Album "Anthropozän" - EBM - wir sind autodynamisch! Dieser Song ist all jenen gewidmet, die ELECTRONIC BODY MUSIC lieben und leben. Bleibt euch selbst treu und genießt euer Leben! Stay EBM
  • AD:keY Autodyn...
    "Autodynamik" vom aktuellen 2015ér AD:keY-Album "Anthropozän" ...
  • AD : KEY - Ho...
    Oldschool EBM

Track Listing

01 Körper um Körper (10th Anniversary Version)

02 Elitär (10th Anniversary Version)

03 Pfeil in dein Herz (We came in Peace)

04 Ich reanimiere dich (Radio-Mix)

05 Aufrecht (Winterstomp-Mix)

06 Autodynamik (Edit)

07 Kalter Krieg (Extended-Version)

08 Mein Weg (Extended Space-Version)

09 Kampfbereit (Waldorf Pulse2-Mix)

10 Tell me Nothing (Remix by Brigade Werther)

11 Alte Geister (Vorwärts-Mix)

12 Weltenwandler

13 Evolution (Universum-Version)

14 Anthropozän (Symphonic-Mix)

15 Mein Weg (Remix by Digital Energy)

16 Zeit verrinnt (Armageddon Dildos Final-Mix)

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