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  • ∆aimon. ∆aimon. Vinyl.

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Aaimon. Aaimon. Vinyl.

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AAIMON's debut full-length received glowing praise from Sonic Seducer, Exclaim!, I Die: You Die, Auxiliary Magazine, FEARnet, and several others, and the San Diego duo return with a deluxe vinyl edition on Artoffact Records.

All orders from Storming the Base include an exclusive AAIMON-designed tarot card. Card XIV of the Major Arcana - Temperance - represents the balance of light and dark/anima and animus - the combining of all aspects of one's personality in an honest and inclusive self. It comes between the Death card and the Devil as a representation of one's own unifying spirit - signed by AAIMON.

The vinyl is available in two editions: a standard black vinyl, and a limited edition dark red vinyl available in only 49 copiesIncludes digital download code and comes in a full-colour sleeve.

The vinyl includes a previously unreleased bonus track, Lethe.

Ultra-dark, both in its musical tone and lyrical content.
-Alex Hudson, Exclaim! Magazine

A sterling example of the pair's genre-jumping skills and wickedly sensual sensibilities, ranking it among the best works in dark electronic music to arrive this year.

-Gregory Burkart, FEARnet

Track Listing

Side A

01. vargtimmen
02. Seraphim
03. dissolvte
04. LOW
05. Balance
06. anima

Side B

07. amen
08. bruising
10. Paræsthesia
11. Order ∴ ∴
13. Lethe