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  • ∆aimon. ∆aimon Limited. 2CD.
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Aaimon. Aaimon Limited. 2CD.

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Product Description

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Limited edition 2CD (444 copies worldwide) featuring exclusive remixes from Ritualz, iVardensphere, Mr. Kitty, HexRx, Gheists and more!

After an extremely well-received appearance at SXSW, gigs with NGUZUNGUZU, oOoOO, King Dude, and Thieves Like Us, and best-of 2012 nods from the likes of Mishka Bloglin and I Die: You Die, AAIMON finally release their highly-anticipated self-titled full-length. The debut CD is less dense atmospherically and more focused on aesthetics and percussion, while also creating a more engaging energy and retaining the overblown signature style that made AAIMON the darlings of the witchhouse scene.

"A uniquely romantic and intoxicating music project."
-Steve Sanford, Auxiliary Magazine

"A magical brew."
-Torsten Pape, Electrozine

"This is dark, intelligent, experimental neo-synth music."
-Bram E. Gieben, The Skinny

"Slow, dark, emotive and challenging."
-Alex Kennedy, I Die: You Die

"They’re dark as hell, their wall of sound is so opaque it gives us a true feeling of dread."
-Mishka Bloglin

Product Videos

∆AIMON - Flatliner (04:46)
From the Upcoming 7" release coming soon on Tundra DubsFor more Info ~http://tundradub.bandcamp.com/http://www.myspace.com/aaimon
  • ∆AIMON - Flatl...
    From the Upcoming 7" release coming soon on Tundra DubsFor mor...
  • ∆AIMON - Choke
    Choke from the Flatliner EPbring your tearscloud my beliefcaug...

Track Listing

01. vargtimmen
02. Seraphim
03. dissolvte
04. LOW
05. Balance
06. anima
07. amen
08. bruising
10. Paræsthesia
11. Order ∴ ∴

Bonus CD:
1. Seraphim (HexRx Remix)
2. amen (Rationale Remix)
3. LOW (WMX Remix)
4. anima (iVardensphere Remix)
5. EXU REI (Mr. Kitty Remix)
6. amen (D/SIR Remix)
7. LOW (Ritualz Remix)
8. EXU REI (Gheists Remix)
9. anima (High Functioning Flesh Remix)

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