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  • 808 State. ex:el. Cassette.

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808 State. ex:el. Cassette.

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Product Description

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808 State achieved worldwide success with ex:el, which included collaborations with Björk and Bernard Sumner. Now re-issued on cassette with bonus tracks.

-Official re-issue of ex:el
-ex:el remastered
-Available on 8 different shell colours
-Limited to 150 copies worldwide
-Full colour J-card
-Awesome unique pad-printing shell design
-Digital download coupon includes MP3 versions of all tracks
-23 tracks in total
-Side B includes 808 State Archives, Part II

Shell colours: dark blue, invisible, metal red foil, orange, translucent blue with ridges, clear, translucent red, black

808 State: ex:el. One of the most significant album statements by any UK dance act of the period. Artoffact Records is pleased to present ex:el the deluxe edition as a limited edition cassette re-issue. Includes mega-hits In Yer Face, Cubik, Lift and Ooops and features guest appearances by Björk and Bernard Sumner (Joy Division, New Order).

"It was ex:el, released at the height of Madchester, that was 808’s electronic dance masterpiece, featuring vocal contributions from Björk and Bernard Sumner, and the hands-in-the-air Hacienda classics Cubik and In Yer Face." - Melody Maker

Note: no export to Japan.

Track Listing

Side A (ex:el, Remastered)
San Francisco
Spanish Heart (Featuring Bernard Sumner)
Leo Leo
Qmart (Featuring Björk)
Ooops (Featuring Björk)
In Yer Face (In Yer Face mix)
Cübik (original mix)
Lambrusco Cowboy
Techno Bell

Side B (808 Archives, Part II)
In Yer Face (Facially Yours remix)
Olympic (Euro Bass remix)
Lift (Heavy mix)
Cübik (State To Pan AM mix)
Open Your Mind (Sound Garden mix)
Lambrusco Cowbay (Alt mix)
Ski Family
Ooops (Mellow Birds mix) (Featuring Björk)
In Yer Face (Cheadle Royal mix)
Olympic (unreleased mix)