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5 Items In Our Sale You've Probably Never Heard Of


This really isn't a cheap attempt to get rid of overstock, because most of these we have 1 copy of, so it doesn't really matter. But it's fun to share good music so here goes:


1. Chromosphere. Red Candy. This poor thing has been sitting in our warehouse for YEARS. It's so rare and unknown outside of Toronto that I cannot even find a decent cover image for it online. It was released on Plan 11 (raise your hand if you remember that label!!!), and it's actually Kristian Helstrom, ex-Bang Elektronika. Truly one of the coolest electro-pop releases to come from Toronto basically ever. I freaking LOVE this album!

2. Crash Tokio. Heads, We're Dancing. Released on one of Germany's coolest labels for indie-rock and pop, Crash Tokio's "Heads, We're Dancing" is slickly produced, amazing electronic-indie-rock stuff. Their keyboardist was also in Missouri, a rock band that Artoffact Records worked with for one album. But Crash Tokio is super catchy, and deserves to be listened to. The album is on Spotify, so give it a shot this week. Amazing stuff!

3. Das Weeth Experience. The Accentric Sounds Of.... Although we get accused of over-hyping our artists (which always amuses us, isn't that what labels should be doing?), we can unequivocally say that Das Weeth is the best release Artoffact ever put out. So there: it's been said! Quote of the century: "Someone faded Hank Williams' songs into some old school industrial stuff... LIKE SPKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK or something like that."

4. Kuu. Suomi Or The Well Of Impossible Wishes. CD. "Kuu" means moon in Finnish, and this strange electronic-ambient opus is a love-letter (but more of a hate-letter) to Kuu's native land. It works very well, even if you've never set foot in Suomi.

5. thebrotherkite. thebrotherkite. Thebrotherkite's debut album (already 10 years old!) is amazingly creative shoegaze and finds its way into my iTunes playlist a lot more than I expected it would when I first heard this. A delicious, unique record.